A brief history of graffiti

Caught this documentary the other night – We’ve linked to it before but the BBC gave it another showing so it’s back on i-player and available for a couple more weeks if you have an hour to kill over Christmas.


Overground Runner

Spotted yesterday by a trainspotter out spotting.


BBC News website with the hard hitting questions.

Bombing with Klops



You know you want one of these beauties.  Available from the Pavement Big Cartel.  Just need a Japlac silver one to go with it now.

Wasting White Fluid


New Wasting White Fluid zine out, limited to 50 copies.  Just what your mrs wants for Christmas.

Tags and Throws – Bombing with Nemz




Tags And Throws – Bombing with Ojae

NYC Cleans

And a colour wholecar rolling here…

132 Books




No not 132 books, but 3 books from the French 132 crew.  Those of you that aren’t Johnny Come Latelys will recall them bombing the hell out of a Paris metro in the Dirty Handz DVD.   Anyhow if Graffiti Santa is reading this I’ve been a very good boy and want this please!