Phed 150

Phed 150, Matt, passed away at the end of last week as you’ll probably have seen on social media over the weekend.  Being one of those rare writers that no one has a bad word about and being there from the 80’s he’ll be sorely missed by a lot of people. Rest in Peace.


leaf insides

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flower power backjump

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Protesters Hang ‘RESIST’ Banner From Crane Near White House

Protesters have unfurled a giant orange and yellow banner that says “RESIST” from a 270-foot crane at a construction site just blocks from the White House.

Police say the group of seven protesters climbed the crane at a downtown Washington construction site Wednesday morning. After a few hours, a few of the protesters dangling from the horizontal arm of the crane opened the 70-foot by 35-foot banner.

Greenpeace spokesman Travis Nichols says the group is calling for resistance to President Donald Trump and his agenda. He says it’s a continuation of protests that began with Trump’s inauguration.

Stencil cap

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Apparently this is a “stencil cap” that comes with a drip collector that puts the paint into a drip mop bottle.

It’s sort of brilliant in it’s pointlessness…in that it’s a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place anyway – just learn some can control.

Yours for £19.62

It’s the end of days. I blame Trump.


Here’s a decent article all about Wiley and his career.

All Clowns Are Bipolar

Tasty looking poster by 13 Twelve and it’s a bargain at £10!

Hip Hop saved my life


The hip-hop saved my life podcast with Romesh Ranganathan is well worth a listen/subscribing too.   Lots of laughs and lots of hip-hop so it’s all good.

Anyone looking for a job??