Soul Safari

Soul Safari is well worth a visit – lots of good pics from around the world!

that times of the year.

A Show Of Prints & Paintings

This saturday in Leeds.

Exhibition open from Midday, launch party from 6pm till late.


Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9YJ

Posh Spice woz ere

Vikky B is apparently solving Aids by tagging in South Africa.

Sent to me by Ms stunts in an e-mail entitled ‘END AIDS’ Dunno where she thinks I’ve got time to do that AND put the bins out…

The Finishing Line

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In 1977, a short film was produced in Britain to discourage children from playing on the railway lines and vandalizing trains — both problems in England at the time. But the documentary-style production did more than that: it scared the knickers off of kids and riled up their parents. The subsequent controversy surrounding this educational short was so great that it was ultimately banned. Even today, watching it is a shocking experience not soon forgotten.
Commissioned by British Transport Films (BTF) to be shown in schools, The Finishing Line (1977) is perhaps the most notorious educational film ever produced. The 20 minute short is akin to a gory episode of The Twilight Zone, or a Rod Serling-directed fake documentary. The atmosphere is so odd and the child body count so high, that it’s a wonder anyone thought this was a good idea to show to kids (the ages of the target audience was eight through twelve). Put simply, it’s a child’s nightmare come to life on the screen.

Free Cost

Snoemans summer

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New Piccadilly Stock

TFL have unveiled their grand vision of the future, where people have evolved to be translucent and all trains go to Northfields.

Gerrit Wiped Off!

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Recent events reminded me of this programme so I went to see if it was online. And it is.

Kid Acne: The Birth Of Hip Hop

Akkers paints a wall then does a rap. Worth a watch as it’s about 100% better than your average ‘person painting a legal wall’ video fodder.