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A Burglar’s Guide to the City


This is an interesting looking book that is getting published in April.  Reading the blurb below it looks like it could be renamed The Writers’ Guide To The City given the way we view everything from a train window is rather different from the average punter.


At the heart of Geoff Manaugh’s A Burglar’s Guide to the City is an unexpected and thrilling insight: the city as seen through the eyes of robbers. From experts on both sides of the law, readers learn to understand the city as an arena of possible tunnels and picked locks and architecture itself as an obstacle to be outwitted and second-guessed. From how to pick locks (and the tools required) to how to case a bank on the edge of town, readers will learn to detect the vulnerabilities, blind spots, and unseen openings that surround us all the time. This simultaneously allows us to view the city from specific buildings and individual rooms to whole neighbourhoods through the privileged eyes of FBI investigating agents and security consultants, people dedicated both to solving and to preempting these attempts at devious entry. Full of absurd and marvelous stories of heists and capers, A Burglar’s Guide to the City offers a kind of criminal X-ray of our built environment. Never again will readers enter a bank without imagining the vault geometry, or visit a museum without plotting ways to bring their favourite painting home with them.


A Burglar’s Guide To The City


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Bristol train service cancelled after carriage vandalised

VANDALS have caused disruption to a Bristol rail service after they halted a train, intimidated staff and defaced a carriage.ADVERTISINGThe mindless act took place early this morning at Montpelier railway station.A group of up to 20 young people attempted to board the 5.14am Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Beach service.Several members tried to stop the train doors from closing and were verbally abusive to staff who attempted to reason with them.Other individuals then spray painted the side of the carriage covering the windows and panels in silver and pink paint

RIP MIGS. AKIE BUZZ and his family

Follow up on the death of writers in Portugal

A friend of ours sent us an email with regard to the recent death of 3 writers in Portugal:

“Just saw that porto article on HYB.

Thats not really the full story. Sure the kids where painting but they where killed because the guard on the train sprayed a fire extinguisher at them. In the fog caused by the extinguisher they could not see the other train coming towards them…

Media doing a good job of missing the facts….”

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3 writers got killed doing backjumps in Portugal a while ago.  Rest In Peace.