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Flick through of Parisian writer Gues new zine.  Fella is certainly up.

Afiler goes to Italy


Guardian Article

Great article today in the Guardian (and I believe in the print version of the Observer) by Marcus Barnes on his recent trial for “encouraging the commission of criminal damage”, which fortunately he was acquitted of.

44 arrested and three police hospitalised





Combine this with a drone and going yard is going to be a lot easier.

Either that or it’s the end of days, I can’t quite decide yet…

Take 5 minutes setting up the most secure chat program around

Read this article and spend 5 minutes setting up the new Tor Messenger program, with an XMPP account as mentioned in the article, and keep your online chat away from prying eyes.  By not having your messaging associated with your phone number, email address, IP address or Facebook account AND it being encrypted means just you and whoever you are sharing with can see it.  Seeing as most online services happily share any information requested by police without a warrant or court order this is something you should definitely do to protect your privacy.

Scumoween: Lambeth burns as riot police shut down illegal rave

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