A Taste of Athens

Looks fun in Athens!

BBC4 Hip Hop Stories

You probably missed the hiphop night on BBC4 last Friday but it’s all up on Iplayer and worth your time having a watch.  Rodney P’s Hip Hop World News was much better than I thought it was going to be and Rubble Kings is well worth a watch.  As a bonus there is a HD version of the classic Bad Meaning Good from 1987!  Check them tubes out.  Most UK writers had a well worn out recording of that on VHS they watched over & over & over again.  (Goodness, I’d forgotten how much I like that tune Dj Fingers is playing when they show him mixing in his bedroom.)


Iplayer link

1 Day 1 Life



Nice to see some US trains on video..

No Comment Forever

Nice selection of goodies, including this excellent badge, here. Lots of stuff looks sold out so hurry while stocks last!

RBH 2016

I’m Sorry Mama 3

Sheffield Graffiti Kingdom

Not sure when this got made but Sheffield always had a top notch scene. Not been there for years but used to pass through a lot way back when and remember seeing ACT crew up all over, then Fista and Mist, then finally seeign Bloodaxe all along the tracksides.

Bevel of the week: Late entry

Turner Prize 2016

Apparently this is one of the Turner Prize finalists this year.  Would rather see graf than the giant goatse that is also shortlisted..

Bevel of 2016, namsayin?

Pic courtesy of @lunapark