Horrific 005

DnB label Horrific Recordings always have dope artwork and number five, out from today, is no exception (see above). Record available here.

Bridewell Warriors Tee

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Bridewell Breakfast have got a new tee out and very nice it is too.

Watching My Name Go By

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Surely one of the other HYB gimps posted this already?  About NYC graffiti in 1976.  Goodness Cliff was up and had style!

“Taffy Was a Welshman, Taffy Was a Thief”

The Taffy has got a couple of good-looking zines out. Available here.
Image of both after the jump:
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Aggy Argentinian steez

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Anyone fancy a summer holiday to South America?

Dutch Signwriter

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Crossing The Divide: How Skateboarding And Hip-Hop Found A Beautiful Friend In Each Other


Article all about “How Skateboarding And Hip-Hop Found A Beautiful Friend In Each Other” on Uproxx.com. I’ve joked that skateboarding is the 5th element of HipHop (and that Tim Westwood is the 6th) but this article basically puts forward the argument that that is the case.

Here’s a bit of it:

Cultures and social progressions need a soundtrack. There needs to be a rhythm there, a beat, something that drives the pulse of a community, incites refinements, and declares the arrival of a moment. Whether it’s Sam Cooke urging you to make a change or Eminem pushing you toward a better version of yourself, the human spirit feeds off music. It makes sense. Music can motivate and challenge. It can decipher and communicate, divide and coalesce. It can provide the pure energy needed to fuel one’s desire.

In the ’80s, it was doing all of those things when two burgeoning cultures – skateboarding and hip-hop – found themselves entangled with youth culture.

Today, it may seem natural that there’s no divide between the two entities, like it’s been that way forever. But it wasn’t long ago that the fairly nubile movements were finding themselves. Quickly, the rebel cultures became rebel yells, confronting one another and finding solace in similar principals. The two seemingly different cultures were not so different at all, but it all started with the necessity for a soundtrack…

Hip Hop Digi Factory ‘Graffiti City’ presents…Mers

Style Master.

Buddhist blinded by police officer