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Kaos – Circle Line

Ozer says REMAIN


“Last year Jackson Payne and myself moved into a studio in East London. The
notion of escaping the strictly real and representational appealed to both of us and
we each set about choosing a number of different routes towards depicting this.
‘Technicoloured Irreverence’ is the result.”,
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Vandal t

I lol’d


Little late with this but in case you missed it Ether & Utah’s seemingly endless trip painting trains around the world has come to an end for now as Ether got put in jail in Australia and Utah did a runner.

Graffiti “artist” banned from 20% of the USA

Some NY artfag vandalised the great American outdoors and got caught. If the Reddit users hadn’t found her the style police would have. I’ve said it before and will say it again but if you’re using social media and especially your phone to post photos of your work online you can be traced if someone is bothered enough to look for you.

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