Aeon in Sri Lanka

Aeon paints a tsunami-hit hotel in Sri Lanka.


Melbourne based photographers Ryan Cookson and Michael Danischewski have teamed up to produce a new video portrait – FUZI UV TPK.

Throughout the 1990’s, French artist FUZI grew up in the suburbs of Paris on a diet of graffiti and gang culture as part of the prolific crew UV TPK. In the mid 90’s, he pioneered a childlike yet brutal style of graffiti known as ‘Ignorant Style’. In the last few years, he has transitioned from graffiti to tattooing and developed an international following. With clients such as Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice and Scarlett Johansson, he continues to travel around the globe, making his mark and exhibiting his work.

Documented on a recent trip to Australia, FUZI gives an insight into his current working practice and an uncompromising look at his time in France during the mid 90′s.

RIP Robbie Williams

BBC: The graffiti of the New York subway

Here’s an interesting article to accompany this Radio 4 programme ‘Graffiti: Kings on a Mission

Shout to P-unit, whose Facebook feed I nicked this off…

Off the Rails

Robbo tribute by Chester P

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Nice tribute to Robbo from Chester P. You can buy the single here


Keshone NA LB has a shiny new website.

Fight war not wars

nice bit of direct action

Hard As Snails


Public Enemy dedication to ROBBO

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