An Open Letter…

Interesting little read on Gors here.

Ha en fin dag

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there’s Norwegian graffiti in droves in Ha en fin dag (have a nice day).

Mens Du Sov: Wholetrain in Copenhagen

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Mens Du Sov – behind the scenes, part 2: Wholetrain in Copenhagen featuring MSW, DIAs and VIMOALL.

Oh ok

Flame x The Warriors (Madrid metro graffiti)

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Hit the Road trailer. Few tube bits..

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Biggest illegal graffiti?

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Old old School

At first I thought this was a Subway Arts reunion, but it turns out it’s something to do with introducing old people to graffiti. Read more here.

HYB on Insta

We’ve been posting up a ton of street bombing recently over on our instagram page including a bunch of NYC stuff and some Rome hits, check it out here.