The Making Of…

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Battle of Waterloo


Saber Interview

Saber talks graffiti versus street art in this interview with Mass Appeal.


TAKI Interview

Keeping to the old school theme, here’s a good little interview with TAKI 183.


First broadcast on the BBC in December 1976, this episode of Omnibus is available on iPlayer:
Kids in New York have a unique kind of occupation – sitting on the subway stations ‘watching my name go by’. Eleven to 17-year-olds compete to see how many times they can ‘get their names up’ in a colourful way – a kind of graffiti cult game which has its own rules and regulations. It’s illegal and dangerous – and while some New Yorkers think it’s a kind of art, others think it’s kind of disgusting. (1976)

Roid Alphabet

Very nice alphabet by Roid MSK over on 12oz.