Free Cost

Snoemans summer

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New Piccadilly Stock

TFL have unveiled their grand vision of the future, where people have evolved to be translucent and all trains go to Northfields.

Gerrit Wiped Off!

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Recent events reminded me of this programme so I went to see if it was online. And it is.

Kid Acne: The Birth Of Hip Hop

Akkers paints a wall then does a rap. Worth a watch as it’s about 100% better than your average ‘person painting a legal wall’ video fodder.

Holdin’ Court: FISH PWS Tribute & Fundraiser with Dirty Dike / Burgundy Blood / Dayse & Aver / Natural Selection / Sigher / Kid Dyno / Elliot Fresh & more

We are Holdin’ Court on November 7th to represent a real stalwart of British hip hop. Producer, DJ, writer, activist, fan and promoter. The sad news of his passing has cut like a knife and the soul aim of the night’s show is to ease the burden, at least financially, on his family. We, his friends, have put together a scorching line up of cats who knew Fish that we hope will get you through the door so that we may pass all proceeds on in the hope of covering his funeral costs with a little left over to donate to M.I.N.D. You know Holdin’ Court, you know who we got playin’. We aim to praise Fish as he deserves…. and that’s word.

The cost of entry is £10 on the door.
18+ only. R.O.A.R

Updates & more info:


HANGFIRE are proud to present: TEN YEAR TOURIST
A raw and uncut photo/video exhibition from one of the U.K’s most prolific international graffiti artists; Donny ‘MIDAS’ Steel.
‘TEN YEAR TOURIST’ explores the lifestyle and adventures of MIDAS during his first 10 years as a train-writer. This exhibition will include documentary style photography and video shot by MIDAS, as he travels through various international transit systems, with eyes fixated on one goal…to write on trains. Whilst most of us holiday abroad, crowded together with other like-minded Brits exhausting the sandy shores of European coastlines, MIDAS shows us his idea of what being a tourist means to him.
Show opens 7pm, 7th November at HANGFIRE – 49 North Street Bristol. BS3 1EN

Oz’s last interview

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Good Guy Boris returns from holidays



A month after his return from one summer being remanded in custody, Good Guy Boris, creator of The Grifters Journal and Brand is addressing the nation about his “Return from Holidays”.
Boris is a satirical fictional character presenting an eastern european with strong accent and poor english language skills. His humoristic Borat rip-offs, comments and behaviour have been already violating the social and graffiti taboos for a few years.
Those who can read the message hidden beneath the mask of profanity can now decrypt the meaning of the words used for a slogan of his brand – Freedom is not defined by safety.
In that following statement the journalist apologies for his absence and he shares with you his intentions of world domination.
There will be no future statements about the investigation against The Grifters that is still running and no questions would be answered on that topic.

BOOM ft. Snoop Dogg – TZK Remix

Sawe teams up with Tomás Peña for some cracked out animation goodness!