Fuck it, I’m gonna post another skateboarding video.


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Fuck it, I’m gonna post a skateboarding video.

More Lush

Lush posted this to his Instagram in an act of irony. Stop incriminating yourselves by posting your stuff online for the sake of a few likes from people you’ll never meet. Never forget the e in email stands for evidence.

Lush Kitty Claw

Any fool can do a clothing line. This is my favourite product released by a graff writer. Limited edition and sadly already sold out.

Bertie Smalls.

South coast steez

Spotted on teh interwebbbzzz

Jems RIP

“Received the very sad news today that East Anglia and London’s Jems – TPMS TWC SMC sadly passed away at the weekend.”


YouTube Preview Image She’s probably a street artist.   Don’t you just hate being disturbed when you’re sniffing your tags?

Neazy teezy

Greazy Neazy has done a mighty fine tee…get yours here:

The Amen Breakbeat Gesture

The Amen Break is probably the most famous 4 bar drum loop in the world ever.  If you don’t know what it is then check this video out:

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Despite it being so influential and famous the band that produced it, The Winstons, never got paid for its use the millions of times it has been sampled.  A DJ has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for the last living member of the The Winstons as a thank you gesture so give a couple of quid to say thanks.