Tube Map of the future

Assuming we haven’t become a coastal town thanks to global warming, or North Korea hasn’t taken over the world…Heres how theĀ Tube Map will look in 2050 apparently. For those of you who are planning to still be getting up using your senior railcards.

Dubl Trubl

Dubl Trubl have been busy recently – as well as this vid of Skewville rat bombing they’ve also got a big group show opening on the 18th in Berlin.

The Burning of Kingston

This looks good if you’re in New York this saturday. Which I’m not.
Stoled off Chino’s blog.


ARTICULATE – MR MET CBM by Articulate On Hoxton Fm on Mixcloud

Some good stories about wanking socks and posh boy Pure, Happy birthday Mr Met.

Seen and the Hollywood sign

RainMan… & Ludvig

Get A Proper Job

YouTube Preview Image
“Our hero Pete Jaundice raises his head above the parapet as he bowls around Polucalopolis under the vail of night trying to earn a few measly bucks, questioning societies ills, defying authority in the land of the estranged.”

casquette and company

lots of fresh yankee zines here

DG Tributes

Couple of nice DG tributes on the 5 train.