Hurt You Bad was started in 2003 with the grand aim of being an online scrapbook. The intention was not to be the biggest or the best but instead to put the emphasis on quality. The updates were to be design-led and featured only graffiti we liked. After a little while a blog was added as an after-thought, it wasn’t even mentioned on the front page and the link was only visible if you looked hard enough. It featured links to things we liked, random observations and hatred of squirrels. The blog has now taken over the site as 2 was too busy working to do any updates and 8 got sidetracked into doing something more interesting and rewarding that actually paid, there are never any “Updates” anymore and we have a broad assortment of bloggers with different interests. Oddly the visitor numbers are through the roof despite this.

Hurt You Bad is run on a 2nd hand server that a friend of a friend has managed to connect to the internet at their work. We earn no money from it and make no claims to represent anyone or anything. It is just photos, links and observations from a bunch of individuals. There is no grand plan, no corporate style and no mission statement.

Make of it what you will.

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