New York Prisoner

The New York Prisoner blog is done by a British writer, from London, on remand in NY.  It’s a riveting read as he posts about life inside in a remand prison.  Dunno what he’s going  to be on trial for but it isn’t graff.  Go read, subscribe and drop him some comments so he knows folks back home are reading it.

Here’s how it starts:

“Unsuprisingly there is no food in my apartment, so my last meal consists of crackers, soup and a downloaded copy of Desperado.
6AM comes, and i am kindly woken by shotgun toting Secret Service against, who are screaming at me and are adamant that my name is Douglas Quade. I try to tell them they are mistaken, they have got the wrong house, and my name is Houser. They don’t see the funny side. So i’m arrested.
After hours of pointless interogation at their porkys secret HQ, i am assigned a piece of shit attorney, who purposely fucks up any chance of me getting bail. Nice one.
Off to MCC New York, located in Manhatton, just by Church Street, not far from were i got married two months earlier! From my stay in New York City, i have lived in Coney Island, Queens, Brooklyn, now Manhatton. All that’s left is the Bronx and Harlem, and i’ve done it all…”