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Legal Advice Video

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Reposting this as it’s getting to the time of year when it might be useful to refresh people’s memories - The advice is genuine advice from a qualified legal professional. It covers a broad range but basically can be summed up as Shut Up and Get a Good Solicitor. Or in short, NO COMMENT to everything. Police have no bearing on the sentence that is given to you in court so don’t believe for a second that ‘cooperating’ during an interview is taken into account when you’re up in front of a judge.

Night on my mind

Done – Winter Collection- Party

Fighting for Education

Police have made a number of arrests during clashes with campaigners as thousands protested against spending cuts, tuition fees and student debt.


Nice to see a little Cept retrospective over on Strictly London Bound blog.


Graham125 (who some of you may know by another name) has produced these archival A3 prints currently on sale, signed, for only £15 each.
Titled “BR”, “London” & “Berlin” I’m sure you’ll agree that all three are pretty tasty and well worth the price.
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Too Much Boms

Boms some naughty graffiti in this slightly annoying video.  As seen on The Bench

Dubl Trubl

A while ago we posted about the Dubl Trubl “Ich Bin in Berlin” show in Berlin. Now they’ve made a nice little video of the event. Enjoy!