Fish RIP

Fish PWS UKS very sadly passed away on friday. A talented writer but more importantly a great guy, he’ll be greatly missed.
Fish was also a DJ and music producer and you can hear his show and music he was involved in here and here. (Cheers to 157 for the links!)
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Subway Art was published 30 years ago

Subway Art was the book that really brought graffiti to the UK (yes there was a showing of Style Wars but it was after Subway Art had come out) and to writers of a “certain age” it was the like their Bible. Which is why it is shocking to realise what was once Britain’s most shoplifted book was first published 30 years ago. (Apparently that honour went to The Virgin Suicides a few years ago – FFS!) That means my copy of Subway Art at home is probably older than most of you reading this blog post.

Push It To The Limit…

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Lush cracks me up






Fish R.I.P


The 64 year old grandfather of graffiti in Hamburg Oz was found dead on train tracks this week. He’d been writing since 1977 and even done 8 years in prison for graffiti but was still active. RIP.

Zugzwang 2

Nice little London section in this full length German video.

Beastie Boys

24 hour Tubes

I blogged about this last year, but it’s now confirmed with a start date of 12th September 2015: ‘From autumn 2015, Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to travel on the Jubilee, Victoria and most of the Piccadilly, Central and Northern tube lines at any hour of the night on Fridays and Saturdays’

For those of you who want to start planning their backjumps early, here’s a large version of the map.