Wholecar 2015

“313041 outshopped today in PUBEE.
Note how the crew windows have been left.”

Fifty Shades of Spray

Aside from a great name and tshirt design Fifty Shades of Spray is a new tumblr dedicated to showing one colour pieces.

Formz NHS x Key17

Yesterday in frankfurt

Bombign with Uzi WUFC

YouTube Preview Image


Here’s the full video that snippet is from.

TagsandThrows with Uzi WUFC

TagsandThrows with Uzi WUFC

Graffiti punks from abroad target Seoul’s subway


Article in English about foreigners painting Seoul subway.

Bevel of the week…

We love rap spray fashion here at HYB. Nowadays, if you ain’t got a bevel, you simply ain’t graffing son…to celebrate this season’s black, here’s our Bevel Of The Week, Mag 1 from France.


Fuck it, I’m gonna post another skateboarding video.