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The Beastmaster (1982) full movie

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[Insert Style Wars reference here]

I haven’t actually watched it yet – I’m looking forward to it, apparently it’s cheesy as fuck. Anyway this will be the last film I post for now. Enjoy.

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Graffiti Sessions Online

The Graffiti Sessions seminars we linked the other day are now available online here. Interesting viewing!


Police Posters

You may have noticed posters like these appearing at bus stops around London – and brilliantly, outside Scotland Yard as well.

It would be terrible if the people who made them were to MAKE THEM PUBLICLY AVAILABLE in an EASY TO DOWNLOAD PDF wouldn’t it?

In entirely unrelated news, these screwdriver bits are very handy and would make a lovely Christmas present…

Korn R.I.P.


NY Times slideshow (Nov 2nd 2014): Standing Out in the Stands, an Artist and Nets Fan Shows His Moves

Last night, shortly before he passed: Colorful Nets Fan Is Gravely Injured in Fall From Building

The Myth Of Seus

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Fire and Ice (Ralph Bakshi, 1983) full movie

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Inside Rockenburg – Art in a Youth Prison

“DRAW A LINE curated a rather uncommon art project inside prison walls last year. Roids (London), Horfèe & Ken Sortais (Paris), SatOne (Munich), Score & Fence (Berlin) were invited to paint the inner walls of JVA Rockenberg together with the inmates. The film features footage of participating artists, inmates and the prison director. We invite you to find out more about the project and the challenges we all had to face.”

Taffy Print

The Taffy has got some sick prints available. Three, all done while he was whiling away the time in HMP Brixton. The other two after the jump, priced between £20-25.
Well worth it!
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