Runners 03 video


Sons de Gueto


Tim and Barry, of Just Jam , are premiering their new film at the ICA tomorrow: 28th July. Sons do Gueto explores the ghettos of Lisbon interviewing the Angolan and Cape Verdean producers fusing together Angolan music with techno, grime and electro creating a wild, high energy sound that currently has no name. From shots of scene leader Marfox rocking local parties, to footage of the originator DJ Nervoso playing a rare, amazing set from a desktop computer set up on his mums living room table, the film offers a unique insight into a sound exploding from the city. The film is followed by a Q&A with Tim & Barry and Principe’s Márcio & Nelson. This then gives way to a collaborative event between Just Jam, Warp, and Principe Records, showcasing some of the top names from Lisbon, with performances from Niggafox, Nidia Minaj and DJ Noronha.  Tickets and event details on the ICA site.

Contempt of court


Next time you’re in a spot of legal bother stick to No Comment and don’t do what this chap, in Georgia USA, did. The transcript is hilarious though.

Reign Supreme

In-depth article on the history of Supreme and it came to be “the most influential street wear brand in the world”.

Making graf legible

So Mathieu Tremblin is a French chap that buffs tags and replaces them with ‘readable translations”. Ignore the predictable “tags are ugly and crap” parts of the article (and especially the comments!) and check the photos. The whole concept really tickles me for some reason. Also this part of the article is gold:


Inspired by anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practices and expressions in urban spaces, Mathieu Tremblin implements simple and playful actions in order to question the systems of legislation, representation and symbolization prevalent in everyday city life.

Wonder what the police would say if in your defence you claimed you were using an anonymous, autonomous and spontaneous practice to express yourself in an urban space?

North London Line in 1981!


How about this for a trip down memory lane?  Slamdoors were the best trains ever.  Have vague memory of getting a train from Broad Street as a tiny nipper.   Thank fuck they never turned it into a road as most of that track is part of the Overground now.

Solvent Abuse youtube

If you fancy checking some UK graf videos then go have a butcher’s at the Solvent Abuse youtube channel as they’ve got a great selection featuring writers that don’t normally get the attention they deserve.


“Cives Aeterni – The Everlasting Game“

As seen on ILG there is a new book featuring “some of the most influential graffiti artists visiting Rome” and features 3 Brits: Oker, Teach & Petro.  It’s limited to just 56 copies (why?) and does seem quite poncy but good to see some UK guys in it.

Hong Kong