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Little late with this but in case you missed it Ether & Utah’s seemingly endless trip painting trains around the world has come to an end for now as Ether got put in jail in Australia and Utah did a runner.

Graffiti “artist” banned from 20% of the USA

Some NY artfag vandalised the great American outdoors and got caught. If the Reddit users hadn’t found her the style police would have. I’ve said it before and will say it again but if you’re using social media and especially your phone to post photos of your work online you can be traced if someone is bothered enough to look for you.

Metro prints

Return of the Macks 1996

Flashback time!

Short documentary about the legendary Leicester Graffiti event, ‘Return Of The Macks’, organised by Solo One in 1996.

Featured the UKs top graf artists at the time, all on one very long white wall. Includes a brief appearance by DJ First Rate of the Scratch Perverts.

District runners

District Runners from here.

Black Beard Ink

Starting an ink brand seems such a 2010 sort of thing to do but these guys from the Ukraine have started Black Beard Ink. No details on how to buy it but here’s their Instagram.

Brixton Prints

Ceres been doodling while sitting around in Brixton prison, now available here as limited edition prints.
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More fresh runners for you lucky people.