Braindead 5

Braindead 5 featuring trains and subways from Sweden.

Strike strikes

🖕You Strike, We Strike !

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Whole Tube

Whole train #ukgraff #graffiti

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Yeah yeah I know you saw it on Instagram days ago but not too often you see a full colour whole tube.   There was footage of it running to depot out there too.

Don’t Like Cops – 2017 runner


If your not following Arxs on Instagram you should be…

Nationalise It

London Damage


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Plenty of fills and thrills in All Type No Face’ recent ARXS edit, worth a watch….

Spotter Flick

“With the front coach covered in graffiti Desiro unit 450081 is ready to depart Basingstoke with a service bound for London Waterloo.”

A brief history of graffiti

Caught this documentary the other night – We’ve linked to it before but the BBC gave it another showing so it’s back on i-player and available for a couple more weeks if you have an hour to kill over Christmas.