Hip Hop Connections

Readers of a certain age will be happy to know that Unkut have scanned a load of old HHC lonely hearts ads.

Streetart Throwdown

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This is some Yank reality TV show that is sort of like The Apprentice but for artfags.  I think I’d rather puke on my own cock than watch this.


The man with his brain in his hands

Here’s a little throwback video from Sofarida of Horfe painting a rooftop back in 2009. The speed at which he paints is mind boggling!

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Presented Without Comment

Whilst looking at this photo blog I found this ^^^ and the accompanying text:

Boycott fourteen-nineteen book press who’s (sic) founders Lewis Chaplin and Alex Webb both made statements against me to police (snitched) then put out books about graffiti culture. I see this shit around too much, where people rape subcultures for money, but when push comes to shove they are fickle as shit.

Not naming names – I’m sure you can figure it all out if you’re that bothered…


RESQ, 10FOOT and PEAR have done a South America zine. You can learn more and buy a copy here.

City Of Paranoia 2

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Better than the first one – a nice mix of atmospheric London shots and interviews with some proper edge-of-your-seat yard action.

You can endorse this kind of reckless behaviour by purchasing the DVD –  it’s now available to buy instore at Chrome and Black and other equally reputable retailers.


And Another One…

Vandals With Charlie

That was quick!…
From here.